12 Ways to Avoid Tuscan Style when Incorporating Wrought Iron in Design

12 Ways to Avoid Tuscan Style when Incorporating Wrought Iron in Design

12 Ways to Avoid Tuscan Style when Incorporating Wrought Iron in Design.






The life of Francis Mayes is turned upside down when she learns her husband is cheating on her from a writer whom she gave a bad review. After sinking into a deep depression, her best friend Patti encourages Frances to travel to Italy. Frances is swayed, and during the trip, the newly divorced American impulsively purchases a rural Tuscan villa and struggles to start a new life not only in a foreign country but in a house that appears to be crumbling around her. 






This is the plot of Under The Tuscan Sun, which grossed over 9 million at Box Offices the weekend of September 28th, 2003.  The movie, written by Audrey Wells heavily romanticized Tuscan Style, with one of the most notable scenes being Frances’ terrifying first night in her new home as she hides under the covers of an antique wrought iron bed. 






The movie romanticized the life of a young American in Tuscany, but also the history and architecture of her villa as well as the landscape surrounding. Soon after design styled transferred to the states and witnesses and culprits can account for the incorporation of wrought iron in interior design sometime between 2003 and 2010. Emulating an old-world feel — scrolled metal work, combined with granite and rich wood tones created the Tuscan look. Detailed wrought iron door features, garden fences, and furniture appeared intricate and feminine — and transported onlookers straight to an Italian villa. 






However, re-created Tuscan style (for now) is a thing of the past, and it should be left in the era of palazzo pants because 2018 demands sleeker, modern styles that feature crisp lines and square silhouettes.






Here are 12 ways you can incorporate trendy hand-made metal work into modern day design. 






1.) Bed Frames




Wrought Iron Steel Bed Frame

(Img. jamminonhaight.com)






Square Metal Canopy Beds create a statement and ground the room. For a traditional look,  have the bed frame painted black or for flare, choose a bold color. 






2.) Lighting Fixtures




Forged Steel metal Light Chandalier

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Choose light fixtures that create a timeless look and work with multiple design styles. When in doubt, simple designs work best and there’s nothing better than having something handmade.






3.) Clothes Storage 




Hand Forged Clothes Hanger

(via Pinterest)






Stop hiding clothes in a heap in your closet - showcase the best of your wardrobe on a wrought iron clothes rack, they’re accessible, function and create visual interest in any room. Great for retailers too.  






4.) Bar Stools 




Handmade Bar stool, Wood and Metal

(via Arc & Hammer)






Jazz-up your Kitchen Island with a set of unique handmade bar stools that aren’t manufactured on an assembly line. Chances are they’ll be the topic of conversation at your next get together. 






5.) Drawer Pulls




Hand Forged Wrought Iron Door Pulls

(via SyberianWroughtIron, Etsy)






Use handmade drawer pulls to create a luxurious, expensive feel in your kitchen or bath. Items perceived to have more weight or items that actually have more weight thought of as more expensive, and of higher quality than their lightweight counterparts. 






6.) Fireplace Screens




Arched Fireplace Screen with Doors

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Use a fireplace (either working or faux) to create a focal point in your living space. Tie in a wrought iron screen with decorative tiered candle holders on the mantle. 






7.) Door Knockers




Hand Forged Wrought Iron Door Knocker

(via Pinterest) 






Your front door creates a first impression for your home to visitors from afar and up close. A tasteful door knocker can be functional and create add style. 






8.) Plant Hangers




Hand Forged Plant Hanger, Pot Holder

(via Lentsstreetfair.com)






There is something to be said about the simplicity and quality of a handmade wrought iron plant holder. Adapt this look by hanging two hooks on each side of a doorway and hang decorative lanterns or planters. 






9.) Firewood Racks




Decorative Wrought Iron Firewood Holder

(via google images)






Serve a purpose while creating style around your mantle. It is important to know the risks of storing firewood inside your home.






10.) Hall Trees & Coat Racks




Hall Tree Coat Rack Mudroom

(via Pinterest)






No entryway is complete without a coat rack or hall tree. Keep coats at the door in an organized and styled way. 






11.) Decorative Window Valences




Decorative Window Valances Wrought Iron

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Use wrought iron in unconventional decorative ways, like creating faux window valances in places curtains are not necessary or difficult to use. 






12.) Decor




Wood and Metal Inlay on Door, Hand Forged Steel




Add style to any space by incorporating wrought iron decor. Wall art panels, Counter top wine bottle displays, Book Ends, Table Lamps and much more.