About Us

Hi I'm Shelby, owner, fabricator, blacksmith, shipper and all around Jill of all trades. And coffee addict.
I started welding when I was 12 working on antique cars with my dad, which then evolved into blacksmithing apprenticeships and welding school all before I graduated high school in 2010.
I'm thrilled to have been able to start this business in 2012 and have the opportunity to build and ship my products around the world.
Thank you for choosing me to provide high quality items that are easily accessible to you all when finding a local shop isn't an option
❤️ Cheers!
 We donate 2% of all sales to the the 'Autoinflammatory Alliance', a non-profit helping those with rare-disease.
This is a very personal decision as our 6 year old daughter has a rare disease called 'Muckle-Wells'. It impacts our family's life daily and isn't curable. This non-profit has helped us and many other rare-disease families, so thank you for your purchases and allowing us to give back.
To learn more: https://autoinflammatory.org/mw.php
Rare disease kids