Birdbaths for your spring garden!

Birdbaths for your spring garden!
Most people are familiar with a birdbath. Commonly they're seen as a bowl that sits atop a pedestal and fills with rainwater. Like all animals, birds need water. Most people might not realize how essential bird baths actually are. Birds use these garden ornaments as a way to drink and bathe. Removing dust and debris that they pick up from their surroundings is pivotal to their wellbeing and acts as their means to eliminate parasites that can burrow under their fluffy feathers.
If you have a garden, flower bed, even just a small lawn, patio or tree you can do your part by offering a birdbath to your local flying friends. Here is a list of some of our favorite birdbaths and where to buy.
Rustic farmhouse 3 tiered water feature and birdbath - via Pier 1 
Zen-inspired hanging brass water bowls from Hayneedle 

Handmade stone bird bowls from Etsy via AwesomeStones 
Ceramic and Colorful Cottage Chic Bird Bath from Wayfair 
Blending into the surroundings with this colorful glass bowl that mimics the look of a flower garden from Bells Seed Store
Hand shaped birdbath, because this is just cool. Via Wayfair 
Post or fence mount copper birdbath via Etsy from Forge and Flower 
DIY birdbaths –– whatever your heart desires! Like this pin on Pinterest 
Overall, there are thousands of different types of designs and birdbaths available to you on the market today. While metal and stone rank amongst Arc & Hammers favorites, we also love a good DIY Project! How could you get creative in your garden while helping out the birds? We wish you peace and health during these difficult times and hope that you will find the time to get outdoors and appreciate nature!