9 Metal Table Leg Styles for Live Edge Furniture

9 Metal Table Leg Styles for Live Edge Furniture

When live edge furniture became wildly popular again in 2013 (first in the 1940s) so did the metal table base. Strong enough to support the weight of a slab tabletop; metal legs and table bases began popping up everywhere to support a custom “DIY” inspired market. 

At first, we witnessed an influx of square stock, simple rectangular bases, and trestles but now, there’s no limit as to what type of base you can see. Here are 9 classic styles that support live edge pieces, dining tables, coffee tables, and end tables. However, when you employ the help of a true craftsman to create a unique table for you, there’s no limit to what style table leg you can design! 

  1.  Wishbone Leg Wishbone Table Base

2. Flat Bar Leg (Tapered)

Flat Bar Tapered Table Base

3. Machine Based

Machined and Cast Table Bases

4. Z-Shaped 

Modern A symmetrical Base for table

5. Hairpin Legs

Hairpin Table leg, base

6. Tapered Leg

 Heavy Tapered Leg

7. Flat bar (square)

Flat Bar Square Table Base

8.  Pipe Base

Pipe Leg Base

9. Scrolled Bases

Scroll Table Base