Metal Handrails For Every Style

Metal Handrails For Every Style

Often when we think of interior railings we think wood. Wood railings are the most commonly seen types of interior railings yet bringing in the element of metal can be truly fun, and design-spirational! Here’s a look at metal stair railings. From traditional to modern, from artistic to Romanesque - it’s a new world out there where design means taking chances, trying new materials and patterns. Do you have the vision?

Modern Deco - this rail has a “heavy” look to it. It’s bold and features shapes without a pattern. 

 Art Deco Handrail, Railing, Staircase


Delicately curved spindles anchored by a heavy lantern style post.

 Heavy Lantern Style Newel Post, Handrail


Modern with Glass or Cable - Thin yet strong cables provide a delicate connection between heavy metal posts, alternatively glass panels allow light to move through creating a sleek modern look. 

 Modern Glass or Cable Handrail, Railing


 Glass Casement Handrail, Railing

Another Artistic style could be a stick pattern or whimsical scene as seen below.


 Tuscan European Handrail, Railing

Tree Branch Handrail, Railing, Twigs

A Tuscan or European Style could be heavily scrolled and painted in brown or gold for additional detail.

 Ornamental Handrail Railing

Scrolled, Curved Handrail, Railing

Curved Railing, Metal, Ornate, Wrought Iron Handrail

Adding a touch of warmth in a wood handrail with metal spindles is a perfect blend between two different looks. It can add a lot of warmth to an otherwise stark metal structure. Add a stair runner to soften the staircase and don't be afraid to experiment with different colors as metal can always be painted!

Wood Banister with metal posts, Handrail Railing

Farmhouse Ornate Wood and Metal Handrail