Garage Door Inspiration for any Style Home!

Garage Door Inspiration for any Style Home!

Styles of houses vary, and so do garage doors. Today we're taking a detailed look at different styles of garage doors, what types look best with your style home and how to style the surrounding driveway area.

There are many types of garage doors, however the six most common types include roll-up, sectional, slide, side hinged, tilt-up canopy, and tilt-up retractable.

When selecting a style you can also choose from materials such as wood or vinyl. Finish, color, and special options like windows, insulation, and hardware must also be decided on. 

Here is an example of a classic roll up. This style is the most common across the country and looks good on most home styles. From traditional colonial to capes and ranches.

Here is the same door in a wood finish and you can really see how color can change the style. When you choose a wood finish for your door remember the warmer wood tones look best with warm paint colors and likewise cool gray wood tones on gray, black and cool colored homes. 

A modern take on the traditional roll-up shows a similar door, without windows in a dark finish (looks like black) also note the two edges are trimmed with a modern looking stone. This style would be commonly seen in north-western states such as Washington or Oregon and parts of Northern California. 

A carriage door in a side-hinge style. This has a modern style window and panel design v. the traditional barn door cross trim. Painting the door the same color as the house allows it to blend in, which is especially nice if you're garage isn't something you want to have the attention on. 

Another carriage side hinged door with a multi-colored look and the traditional barn style cross paneling. The combo really pops against the brick exterior and we love the stone detailing above the doors. 

Below is an example of a rustic country style barn door. Side hinged on a three bay with  a three paned window and accent lighting between each. 

 Modern styles feature one sleek wooden door with staggered rectangular side windows. This is a sleek take on a traditional door and would likely be seen on the west coast in the northern states where modern homes are more prevalent. 

Above, an example of a contemporary door features a 4 over 8 window style with a frosted, non-see through glass. This would be really unique on a repurposed industrial space, or contemporary home. 

These are the three main styles that are commonly seen today. What style do you like best? Do you prefer modern or traditional? White or wood toned?