Inspiring Front Door Colors to Bring Joy to 2020

Inspiring Front Door Colors to Bring Joy to 2020

There is no question that 2020 has been a strange year thus far. With so many people still staying at home due to Covid-19, we figured it would be a great idea to share some inspiring front door inspo that will brighten your day and the day of anyone driving by! 

With all this time on our hands, changing the color of our front door is a fairly simple project. We'll share some do's and don'ts then get right down to the point, sharing the 

Depending on what you're starting with we have a few quick tips and suggestions for when it comes time to paint your door.

1.) You should always prep a painted door for a paint color change. 

– this includes, giving it a light to moderate sanding, scraping any peeling paint, taping off any glass and trim and using a primer if the original door color is medium to dark (especially if you're repainting it a light color) 

Now, here are some color ideas! Can you imagine any of these on your own home?


A calming color! Always suitable for a front door in almost any region of the country, or type of home! Blue also can be very notable, substantial and regal when done in a darker shade. Pair with white surrounds for a crisp, coastal vibe, and it always looks great with front porch pottery and greens any time of year. 


Green is an interesting color that really changes a front door –– personally we think green can be a tough color on a door, but we have two suggestions where a green door is the perfect match. A very old world style door, such as this parisian beauty below with lots of artisanal glass, or in a super-modern setting like the photo below. 


Pink is another color that always works on a front door. There's hardly any setting where it doesn't. For more natural environments such as a wooded area use a soft, subtle pink but for city environments try a bold pop of color like this below. Fuchsia is a great option for small entry ways as well. 


Coral says southern and always looks great near the coast. Make sure you go with a warmer-tone v. a cooler one for this traditional look with a pop of color! 


Purple doors are interesting but this color, like orange is one we feel very strongly about checking twice before you paint. As long as it's the right shade of purple it can make your front entrance pop but if it's too bright it can work against your favor. Here are two purple doors we approve of! 


Red is one of the most popular door colors in the country! Here are a few red doors we love that scream "Americana!" Red doors can be fun to dress at the holidays, they seems to work well year around!


Yellow is another classic color that seems to pair well with any style! Here are a few sunny front doors that might just inspire you to head over to your local home improvement store and pick out that perfect shade! 


No doubt painting your front door can be overwhelming. It's always our suggestion that you try out samples before you commit. But remember, paint isn't permanent so you can always change it in the future. 

In addition to the prepping the best type of paint for a front door is an exterior paint, we prefer latex. Talk to your local hardware store expert and find your color today!