Incorporating Metal Accents into your Design

Incorporating Metal Accents into your Design

Every room should have accents of metal. You can achieve this by using wrought iron hooks, furniture bases, candlesticks or lighting fixtures, mirrors, etc. Metal accents bring an edge to your design and balance the softness of a sofa, bed or chair. It is the final touch and brings along a finality to the project.



It’s simple, clean and airy. It looks well thought out yet makes us feel that it’s been there for ages with a vintage vibe. It’s edgy but softened by a luxurious hand towel and the warm glow from a matching sconce. This look is super chic!

 Metal Modern Rustic Wall Mirror


Metal Barn Door


Perhaps it’s not quite what you’d first think of when someone says barn door. However, this modern take on a traditional slider has us in awe! A great addition to create visual interest as well as a room dividing barrier. 

 Metal and Glass interior Barn Door


Kitchen Pendants & Fixtures


How about adding a pop of color to your metal accents. Vintage pendant lighting is trending and you can really have fun with color here! Fixtures in brass or copper can also warm a space while still offering the edgy-look of metal. 

 Metal and Ceramic Pendant Lights


Metal Chairs 


Fun with metal doesn’t have to stop at accents - you can use chairs and barstools too! These chairs from Wayfair feature wooden seats, which soften the look - but you can also find options like these in bright colors like yellow and blue too! 

 Metal and Wood Chairs


Canopy Beds


The reason we chose canopy beds as a great place to bring in a metal accent to a room is because they never go out of style. They have been around for thousands of years and seemingly are here to stay. Buffer the hardness with a plush rug or beautiful set of curtains, soften a room with a plush accent chair or settee at the foot of the bed. The height will draw the eye up and make the space seem polished and grand. For a traditional look go with a matte black finish, or for fun try a different patina or color to create a personalized look. 

 Metal Canopy Bed


Plant Stands


Bringing in metal plant stands is a glorious idea for two reasons. First, you’re getting a metal accent into your space but, plants are heavenly and will always enhance your design. Overall - this is a must-have on our list!

 Metal and Wood Plant Stand


Metal Clocks


Function meets design and every well-lived in space needs a clock.  This look is perfect for an office, kitchen or casual living room. Metal clocks can be as minimal or detailed as you like and vintage options are always a fun way to add a pop of color, try something painted or with a metal patina. 

 Metal and Brass Wall Clock