Five Inspiring Home Entry Ways

Five Inspiring Home Entry Ways

Five Inspiring Home Entry Ways 

For function or fashion, your entryway should always be one of the most inspiring spaces in your home. All houses both big and small share this common area where you the opportunity is created to set the tone for your designs style. Whether you prefer country farmhouse chic or a modern, edgy look, here are 5 inspiring spaces that are sure to leave you with entryway envy. 

Moulded Traditional 


Moulded Traditional

One of the best ways to create a unique entry is through the use of architectural moulding. Moulding and finishes can create visual interest as well as value-creating the ultimate “double-win”. Here, a curved wainscot ceiling creates an element of whimsy and imposed height while a chair rail anchors the space and draws the eye through to a set of double doors leading to the interior. When the room does all the talking, furniture and decor is best left “less is more” and a pop of color is only necessary in small details such as an oriental rug or piece of fine art. 

Moulded traditional

Traditional Farmhouse 

The traditional farmhouse entry is one left untouched by time. This type of entry is best for historical accuracy and protected homes, original plank floors provide warmth against a fresh coat of creamy white paint. Window panels frame the doorway to let in the light and give off the illusion that the space spans out far beyond the door to the sprawling landscape.

Topical Traditional

It’s simple to transform any space with the right details. Here, a shiplap entry is transformed from traditional to tropical with a few key elements. A curved door, oriental-inspired furnishings, prints in bright hues such as green, pink and blue and most notably the tropical houseplant. Try adding a straw woven bag, or ottoman to add finishing touches.


If minimalism is your style try floating furniture such as this chic two drawer wooden sideboard. A mirror reflects natural light and makes the space feel large and illuminated. A herringbone floor draws in detail while a unique accent rug creates a bit of warmth in an otherwise stark space. Clean, light and airy is the name of the game here!

Kids and Pets

Of all the beautiful entryways that exist there is nothing better than one that combines style and function. Here, built-in cubbies provide the perfect home for coats and backpacks. A slate tiled floor can endure the outdoor elements that inevitably make their way inside. Style is not lacking here, with a shiplap wall and chic chandelier. The function isn’t compromised for style and this space creates a warm, inviting feeling upon coming home.