Mixed Metals in Interior Design

Mixed Metals in Interior Design

Six ways to incorporate mixed metals in your Interior Design.

Incorporating mixed metals into your design can upgrade any space and define a vignette in any room. Here are six design concepts that are accessible and easily blended with any style.

Metal Clothes Rack - Photo via Pinterest
A well designed handmade metal clothes rack can easily be blended into any design, serving as a designer piece as well as functional storage for your favorite garments. Copper accents provide a subtle detail and wooden shelves add warmth to otherwise industrial design. For a pop of fun, you can even skip the copper accents and use metal fittings and paint them a bright color! The possibilities here are endless and the world is your oyster when it comes to customization!

Copper and Iron Clothes Rack

Hanging Pot Rack - Photo via Antique Farmhouse
Function meets great design in this unique hanging pot rack from AntiqueFarmHouse The kitchen is a great place to incorporate mixed metals into your design and is commonly seen in “farmhouse” styles. Try up-cycling something or having something made to spec. Other ways you can use metals in the kitchen are towel hangers, single barn hooks (great for pots and pans when your short on space) and even curtain tie backs and table wares.

Metal and Wood Pot Rack

Decor - Wine Bottle Holder - Shelby Barnhart
A unique item made at the Arc & Hammer studio is a wine bottle holder from reclaimed horseshoes. Working with repurposed materials is rewarding and finished pieces often become topics of conversation for your guests. Other ways to incorporate mixed metals in your decor could be through custom candle holders, key hooks, lamps and sculpture as well as art.

Horseshoe Wine Rack

Hand Railings - Arc and Hammer
New trend alert! With the “farmhouse” style booming right now using metal handrails indoors is becoming quite popular! Seen here, a flat finish handrail runs alongside a barn board wall. Its statement is bold yet polished and gives a sense of durability and strength. You can DIY install your own handrails by using Arc and Hammers Railings kits.

Iron Handrail Kit DIY

Custom Furniture - Shelby Barnhart
One of my favorite ways to incorporate mixed metals into a design is through custom furniture. An old metal tractor seat can become a chic bar stool or a square metal base with an old barn board top can become a statement coffee table. In the featured photo, I worked with a local woodworker to create this incredible sofa table with a romantic handmade metal scrolled base. The possibilities for using mixed metal in furniture is endless!

Decorative Wood and Metal Scroll Coffee Table

In all, using mixed metals in your home can add that much-needed edge to your design, yet can be softened by their surroundings. Good design knows no bounds and having a custom piece made for your specific space is always a possibility. Remember that most metals can be painted or powder coated in any color and blending new pieces with old is always the best way to honor style and history.