Open Shelving Concepts

Open Shelving Concepts

There is a truth to the statement that a kitchen is the heart of a home. We cook, gather and relax in these spaces, big or small; day or night. Sadly, when many people are asked about their own kitchens, they aren’t satisfied or have a laundry list of projects and things they want to change. One of the simplest changes you could make in a kitchen to open it up and make it feel more light and airy is open shelving. It is something that a lot of people like but are afraid to do! Don’t think about your clutter, know that when you have your own open shelving you will quickly weed out what you need and what you don’t here are twenty inspired by photos that will leave you planning your own DIY project this weekend! 


Rustic Barn Board Shelf with Pipe Accent on Subway tile!

A little plant adds a pop of greenery, a wire basket holds extra towels and we love a four stack of San Pellegrino for style. 

 Pipe Shelves in Kitchen Subway tile


Open Shelving with Adjacent hangers for small utensils

Style meets function with one-half shelves and one-half hangers - easy grab and go for cutting boards, spatulas, and a colander! We love that a photo frame was added to break the continuity of utensils!

Open Floating Shelves in Kitchen



Shelving that goes all the way to the ceiling! This looks like a Joanna Gaines Kitchen - because it is! Another option for floating shelves is creating the effect that they are suspended from the ceiling. This also draws the eye up, making the room appear taller.

 Joanna Gaines Shelves

Decorative brackets! It's important to remember that your floating shelves can be made of so many different materials. You can try glass shelves, wooden shelves or even all metal! Decorative brackets can be new or vintage! Try a salvage shop to find one of a kind pieces!

Ornate open kitchen shelving

pipe shelf

Simple wood and metal open shelving


Not all open shelving units have to be farmhouse chic! Below a modern take on metal shelving complements a sleek kitchen. Wood tones work in harmony with black metal and pops of white porcelain. A dark feature wall helps accents stand out. It’s timeless and unique - certainly a style for consideration. 

Sleek Modern open shelving



Remember that not all metal has to be black! You can use copper or brass!

Brass Shelves in Kitchen

Metal pot rack storage

Ornate shelving

Tall open kitchen shelves

Brass Open shelving

Another unique option is putting your floating shelves in front of large windows. This is a fun way to feature vintage colored glass while creating extra space.

Vintage lighting and open storage kitchen

Farmhouse Industrial Rustic Kitchen

Butcher block and marble kitchen

Coffee nooks - if you're not ready to try open shelving in your main kitchen, opt for giving it a go at a coffee station. Here you can have fun with staging and displaying mugs and teas. 

Coffee Nook Open storage

In all - open shelving can be a fun way to incorporate metal accents into your kitchen while having fun displaying dishes and cookware you love. With a variety of options available there's a style for everyone!