Refurbishing Your Outdoor Metal Furniture

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Refurbishing Your Outdoor Metal Furniture


Even the highest quality metal furniture can become unsightly without care. Care for lawn and patio sets includes keeping an eye out for paint chipping, flaking and rusting and making sure to store it under shelter during the winter months.


What can you do if your patio furniture has become worn and needs a refresher?


  1. Scrape any loose or flaking paint - Prep is the most important part of your refurbishing job! Be sure to use a sturdy wire brush and remove any flaking or chipping paint. For your safety, please be sure to wear eye protection as you work.
  2. Sand the surface - using a sanding block scuff the surface to create “tooth” for the new paint. This step is even more important for surfaces with high gloss finishes.
  3. Wash thoroughly and let dry. Using a mild detergent, wash the patio furniture to remove dust and grime, and let dry thoroughly.
  4. Prime it! Try Rustoleum Rust Reformer (note. Primers do come in different base colors) If you are planning to paint your furniture white or lighter colors, it’s not suggested that you use a black primer.
  5. Paint it! Using an oil-based spray paint such as Rustoleum Multi-Purpose and don’t forget, have some fun with color!

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Clear Coat Option - Adding an additional layer of clear coat can help improve your finish’s longevity while adding shine and luster.