National Book Lovers Day, The Backyard Blacksmith

Posted by Shelby Barnhart on

 I get asked a lot if I teach classes or have any good references for those interested in blacksmithing and welding. While I currently do not offer courses outside of a few trips to High Schools, I would love to share one of my favorite books.

'The Backyard Blacksmith' by Lorelei Sims helped shape my lifelong career and inspired me when I was 15 and just starting my apprenticeship at the Ship Smith Shop in Mystic Seaport. Lorelei's book covers all the necessary basics, from tools and techniques to beginners projects and more advanced ones to help you hone your skills as a backyard blacksmith.

Lorelei Sims, The Backyard Blacksmith

For a long time, blacksmithing was considered a dying trade and craft. Amazingly the silver lining of the pandemic in 2020 has created a resurgence of people wanting to learn the art and acquire a new skill. I hope that sharing this book with you all might spark some interest in a new hobby for you or someone you know.