Hardware Finishes & Color Options

Hardware Finishes & Color Options

When you're designing a space, whether it be indoor or outdoor, hardware finishes are a detail you might be inclined to overlook. In kitchens especially, it's easy to choose a polished silver option for drawers and knobs, but keep in mind there are other options available to you that can introduce style and elegance.

Let's look at some finishes you can explore.

Polished Chrome –– for anyone who like reflective hardware, light and bright polished chrome is surely shiny and sleek. Common in kitchens and bathrooms, you'll typically see polished chrome as the most affordable and contractors first choice. 

Brushed Silver –– a muted version of polished chrome, brushed finishes add subtlety and elegance. They're often chameleons of hardware, blending into a room and working in harmony with the decor instead of competing for the attention. Brushed finishes can blend in with most all design styles. 

Polished Nickel – has a unique color difference to polished chrome. It's slightly warmer in hue and often complements any color cabinet or decor. It is traditional, elegant and always a unique choice! 

Oil Rubbed Bronze –– a good choice for victorian era designs as well as modern day. Bronze often has a "farmhouse" vibe, and complements well with white walls and deep colored cabinets. 

Polished Brass –– though polished brass is very yellow, we're seeing it make its comeback from the 80's and 90s. Though todays trends lend favor to antique brass, it's not uncommon to see pops of polished brass in modern design. 

Antique Brass –– our favorite! Antique brass has this element of romanticism not found in other hardware finishes. Often reminiscent of a french chateaux, its old world charm is unbeatable! Try faucets, drawer pulls and chandeliers to achieve your next best look! 

Antique Pewter –– a unique finish on its own, it looks similar to brushed silver but often has pocks or divits of black as if it was hand hammered or finished. It's a rough around the edges finish that pairs well with brutal spaces and raw designs.


Copper –– a fun finish to play with copper, like antique brass has also been around for centuries. We love a well worn copper finish, copper can develop a great (green) patina over time, and can be especially funky outdoors. It's not cheap –– so when you're choosing a great copper fixture or hardware set, make sure the style is one you'll enjoy timelessly. 

Black –– Though black isn't a metal it is a popular finish color for hardware. Often seen used in older homes, the trend has been making a comeback in modern spaces where black contrasts well against white walls and sleek light cabinets. 

Iron –– known for its deep gray/black color, iron compliments well in rustic spaces such as cabins and older, historic homes. Great for door pulls, light fixtures and more. It always has an organic look.