Curtains, Rods & Finials! Design inspiration for all!

Curtains, Rods & Finials! Design inspiration for all!

Dressing a window, or windows can be one of the best ways to enhance any room. Picking a window dressing that coordinates texture and color can draw the eye up making a small room seem larger, or make a large room feel homier. 

How you dress your windows are entirely up to you, but some inspiration today on the blog might leave you perusing amazon for your next best purchase. In addition to your curtains selection, you will want to consider the rod size, shape and color. We will also touch on hanging height, when to use tension rods, blinds, shades, and more. 

Curtain inspiration: 

Sheer Curtains:

Sheer curtains are great for windows that don’t require privacy. Want to let the natural light in? A sheer curtain can dress a room, without blocking a ton of precious sunlight. They’re light, whimsical and fun, we especially love this pair from Anthropologie

Sheer Curtains can also be lacy curtains such as this adorable set from Kohls. We especially love the fray detail at the bottom. These are so chic! 

Patterns and texture: 

I think many people are afraid of patterns and texture. Do you also feel this way? Maybe you love it but you're afraid to invest in and try it? Don’t leave patterns to just the designers. However, this below is totally a designer pattern – her name is Mally Skok, she's an interior designer and pattern designer from Boston, MA and we love every inch of this room she designed.

Also in this photo, notice the style of the curtain rod, the use of a valance in the same pattern, and also the placement (height) of the curtain rod. A lot of people attach the curtain rod right at the top of the window trim, however when you can, its always better to go about 5/6" above the trim and opt for a longer length curtain. This will draw the eye up, creating the illusion that the room is taller. 

The above photo is a great example of height and pattern! 

Curtain Rods:

Basically, curtain rods are just that. The finial (the end post) is what truly defines them. This photo below shows how finials can vary. But let's take a deeper look!

One of the most important things to consider is the diameter of the rod you're hanging. If you choose a sheer, lightweight curtain, you will likely want a lightweight, thin (maybe aluminum rod) and often times uses plastic or resin finials.

When you buy a curtain rod you should check the weight ratings. You don't want them to sag (which can also happen without the correct supports (especially along a bay or picture window)

Naturally, if you're hanging larger grommet panels or light-blocking panels you will want a thicker rod rated for a heavier curtain. Use a stud finder or make sure you are securing the bracket into solid wood and not drywall.


Finials are where the fun starts! This truly is one of our favorite ways to add style! Take a look at some of our favorite curtain rods and finials! Remember, simple is best when working with a heavily patterned curtain, and when choosing a simple curtain, opt for a fun, flashy rod!  

Above, a simple brass rod with an end cap finial. Clips to curtain. Simple, stylish, and chic. 

A double rod, for layering your curtains. Often a heavier panel goes on the outside and a lightweight sheer goes on the thinner rod behind. Layering is a great way to add dimension, and delivers a customizable amount of privacy while still allowing light to enter!

The glass finial is always beautiful, and timeless and works on any color finish!

Traditional Finials: 

Funky, Pinecone Finials (because they're cute!)

Antique french inspired wood finials: 

Sidenote: These would be stunning with a traditional french country toile in blue and white!!!!! See the photo below.

Artisan Made Rods, Finials & Tiebacks 

Seeing that Arc & Hammer is a blacksmithing shop –– this post wouldn't be complete without also showing you options made by people such as ourselves. Here is a look at three images a rod, rod, and finial and curtain tieback all hand made by a blacksmithing artisan! 



Please keep in mind, any product that is forged from solid metal could require additional supports. Always check with the product manufacturer or artisan to see what additional hardware might be required to hang. 

No doubt there are millions of combinations on the market for curtains, rods, and finials and design inspiration can come from anywhere! Here is the last look at some inspired rooms that feature unique curtains, rods, and finials! We hope you'll enjoy it! 


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