A stylish backyard alternative to grass –– peastone gravel

A stylish backyard alternative to grass –– peastone gravel

What do you instantly think about when I ask you to reference your yard. It's probably grass, trees and woods, maybe if you're lucky like me, it also includes a sprawling field. 

But for many people around the world grass isn't their first choice. Today I'm going to be talking about Peastone Gravel –– and how to use it in your yard to design your perfect European inspired dream space.

Ideally Peastone Gravel should be used in smaller spaces in areas where you wouldn't want to have to mow or weed wack. (For example, up against the house, or around elaborate garden beds would be ideal) 

Commonly we see Peastone used in conjunction with brick or stone houses and especially to outline gardens and raised beds. Isn't this the sweetest garden you've ever seen?

Areas with hot climates also use Peastone instead of grass because grass is more difficult to care for and easily burns. 

I think this photo below is one of my absolute favorites. Peastone gravel comes in a variety of different colors. I really love the slate blue stones against the pop of the white brick and soft green shutters. It's so sweet. 


Below is another unique and tasteful way to use peastone gravel in your design. I love the concept that the stone is used at the firepit area and walkway but is abutted by a nice grass and stone area next to the pool. 

The concept that your yard can be designed as elaborately or as simple as you'd like with Peastone Gravel is also a plus. I tend to lean on the side of simplicity it has a luxurious vibe one you might experience at an expensive weekend house in the Hamptons.

Overall Peastone Gravel is a great option to mix into your backyard design, alongside some of our other favorites such as brick, stone pavers and river stones. 

Is this something you can envision yourself doing? If so, we'd love to hear about your project. What type of space do you have that might be suited for Peastone Gravel.