Adding Metal Art to Your Garden

Adding Metal Art to Your Garden

You’re inspired by metal garden art. You’ve dreamed of incorporating it into your yard, yet want to make sure it’s fitting, tasteful and high enough quality to last. Look no further for inspiration! We’ve composed a list of three unique designs to inspire your home garden and three unique places in Connecticut to experience metal garden art if you don’t have a spot of your own.


Factors to consider when choosing garden art and metal garden decor include, size, color, style, and even patina. Naturally, we support buying art pieces from local artisans and makers.


  1. Determine your style - Do you prefer modern pieces or more classic, historical styles?
  2. Selection - Choose something you love. Consider how it makes you feel.
  3. Placement - Large pieces become focal points while smaller pieces draw you into the details of the garden. A large piece can be placed in a field, while a small piece should be placed with whimsy in a flower bed.
  4. Add additional elements. Plant selection, for trellis, choose climbing plants such as Ivy or Roses and for large sculpture pieces, you can incorporate ornamental grasses such as Morning Light or Japanese Blood Grass - especially pleasing if your metal garden art is painted and colorful.


Three Designs to Inspire Your Garden:

 Large Metal Flowers, Garden Sculpture

Large Metal Orbs, Garden Art

Garden Trellis, Garden Decor and Design, Landscaping

Choosing timeless pieces that seemingly blend into the natural landscape as well as stand out as art are the best choices when choosing metal garden decor. Hundreds of choices exist yet amongst all of them my favorite are garden orbs, trellis pieces, and simplistic art pieces


Three places to experience garden art in Connecticut:

Battle Hill Forge - Falls Village, CT & Millerton, NY

Address: 2 Main St, Millerton, NY 12546

Phone: (860) 861-9455


Sculpturedale - Kent, CT

Address: 3 Carter Rd, Kent, CT 06757

Phone: (860) 927-3420


Studio 80 - Old Lyme, CT

Address: 80 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371

Phone: (860) 434-5957