Antique Door Hardware Inspiration

Antique Door Hardware Inspiration

Whether you’re reading this post for restorative home purposes or simply to be inspired by the romanticism of an 18th-century door latch, we’re here to give you all the feels on what handmade knockers, locks, latches and hardware can look like on your modern-day or antique home. 

Of course, we will always be more partial to the truly antique, hand-forged pieces that have been kept or painstakingly restored. Since sourcing more than one or two matching antique sets can be challenging, we will admire the old while additionally suggesting brands and artisans that offer manufactured or bulk-made styles so that you can get the look quickly and as cost-effective. 

Since this post is primarily about design, we won’t spend a lot of time discussing the history of latches and locks – however, locking mechanisms date back as far as the 6th century B.C and over the years have developed into what we know today (most commonly as) doorknobs, cylindrical locks, and deadbolts. 

Exterior Door Hardware Inspiration:

These long style hinges are commonly referred to as “barn hinges” or strap hinges. They are long, skinny, and were hand forged by metalsmith workers. Their length helps support oversized or wide doors and in modern times they have become a key player in achieving an iconic, antique primitive style.

In addition to the door latches and handles, the hinges were typically forged from wrought iron until brass became popular in the 1800s. Towards the Victorian/Edwardian and Georgian eras brass was molded to reflect a more opulent time. They often featured ornate designs and the polished brass looked like gold.

In addition to door pulls and barn hinges, another advancement was on cabinetry hardware and small hinges. Here is a good example of a handmade early piece.

Here are three awesome antique / primitive inspired kitchens that feature time appropriate latches, knobs, and hinges.

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