Metal Accents that Promote Body Movement & Fitness

Metal Accents that Promote Body Movement & Fitness

Today on the blog we’re dreaming up some fun, unique ways to use metal accents to promote body movement in small spaces. While these concepts are geared towards tiny house living, adaptations can be made to help you achieve similar looks in any size living space. These three specific ideas come from Living Big in a Tiny House. But there are a ton of unique ways to incorporate metal accents for movement in any space! 

Ladders that serve for function and fitness Interior or Exterior


Reclaimed materials serve not only as a ladder to the tiny house’s flat roof but as a place for stretching and exercising. For modifications, you can use workout bands for stretching and even some great resistance exercises for the chest, back, and shoulders!

Tiny house

Try this!

Chest press with a resistance band (simply loop the resistance band around the ladder rungs) 


Resistance band workout

A metal bar through a beam in front of the stove creates a place for hanging and stretching while waiting for your tea kettle to boil. Owner, Jayme says that yoga therapists encourage hanging to realign the back and neck and provides a great, needed stretch. 

DIY Pull up bar tiny houseDIY Pull up bar tiny house

Try this!  

A hanging leg raise can work your quads and abs while giving your spine and neck a great stretch! 

Hanging leg raises


Green Rustic Tiny House

And lastly, the yard becomes a great space to add additional fitness features such as a pull-up bar. The concept here is to create elements that serve a function in your tiny home but also provide a dual purpose!