Painted Metal Furniture

Painted Metal Furniture

Metal is an intriguing element to work with in design. It has the ability to create “weight” and works as an anchor when you want to highlight or focus on specific vignette in a room.

Often, we envision metal as being stark and masculine with hard edges and angles. However, not all metal pieces are aggressors. Take for example an antique headboard with delicate connections and appliques - or scrolled details. Metal can be delicate and feminine and it can be especially fun when it’s painted.

When you infuse color into a design you can change the entire feel of a space - so what happens when you combine color with metal? The ultimate statement piece is born. Today, we’re looking at painted metal furniture and what colors can do to change the entire vibe of a piece.

Bar Stools

These painted yellow bar stools are a really unique way to add a pop of color to your kitchen while incorporating metal. You can purchase new stools painted or find vintage ones and paint them yourself.
Try yellow for creativity and blue if you’re looking to create a more soothing and calm vibe.

Yellow Metal Bar Stool


Turquoise Blue Metal Bar Stools

In living spaces you can incorporate painted metal as end tables or coffee tables. All metal should be sealed to prevent rust, so why not go with a color? Check out this unique handmade coffee table.

Wood and Metal green coffee table

Did you know these colors are associated with these emotions?

Red - Anger & Excitement
Blue -Trust, Lighter Shades: Calm
Green - Prosperity & Growth
Yellow - Optimism
Purple - Creativity
Orange - Health & Youthfulness
Black - Mystery, Power
Pink - Love, Sensitivity, Kindness


Blue funky metal coffee, side table

Try the look on an end table! It can be used indoor or outdoor.


Fun colored headboards and wall hooks red, blue, yellow

Using color to distinguish “whos is whos”. Have multiples of something? Try using
complementary colors to separate spaces. Here, a furniture brand in Australia called Domayne makes three plain metal headboards become fun and inspiring!


But wait, before you go - don’t forget about the iconic painted metal furniture - patio furniture. Here, a sweet vintage set gets a pretty makeover in pink. Photo via: DIY Network

Vintage Retro Pink Metal Chairs


Like these looks? Want to DIY your way to fun painted metal furniture? Check out what you can do with Krylon .


Krylon color pallet

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