Metal Headboard Inspiration

Metal Headboard Inspiration

There seems to be a limited amount of uses for metal as a material in the bedroom. Unlike a kitchen, you want your bedroom to be a soft and inviting space (typically!) 

However, incorporating metal into your headboard design can be a unique design edge that differentiates your space from everyone else. We've scouted the most common (and most unique) DIY and store-bought headboards that are made from metal. Let's take a look

Most common: 

A wireframe style head and footboard are reminiscent of simpler times. Often used in minimally styled spaces, the style works well with french-country furnishings and farmhouse designs. Double twin beds in this style for a child's bedroom are also a favorite. While there are many variables to consider in this style, a classic black finish seems to match with nearly everything! For a pop of fun, try a color or different shape. 


Really DIY:

If you're looking to DIY your next headboard, look no further than this corrugated steel idea: You could essentially cut any shape your heart desires, and you could also use flat sheet metal to create a totally different sheen/look. 

Here are a few other fun ideas –– 

In our last post, we talked about decorative metal sheeting –– this could be another really unique material to make your own headboard or footboard with. (paint any color!) 

Do any of these styles strike your fancy? Let us know! We would love to share your ideas on the blog and see your favorite metal designs!