Winter Mantel Design Inspiration

Winter Mantel Design Inspiration

There are many posts about how to decorate your mantel for the holiday season, but what happens when the holidays have passed? Of course, you want to keep your space looking well-designed long after Santa’s last trace has been left, and that certainly means taking down the tree and the stockings but do you have to change the mantel? We say no! 

Once you’ve removed the obvious signs of Christmas, leave the greenery! Winter is here to stay, so leaving some “wintery” things on the mantel could include, the greens, birch logs, window panes, mirrors, dark decor such as black candlesticks, brass pieces and more. Some other wintery, but not Christmas themed patterns could be buffalo check or a plaid/tartan. Have fun, and don’t worry - you don’t have to start over!

Here are a few inspired looks to help you envision your winter mantle until mother nature's last frost! 

Look #1 - Whimsical/Romantic Mantel 

A beautiful antique mirror, vintage silver candlesticks and a beautiful bouquet of white roses and powdered greens make this a dreamy vignette. Re-create the look with a gilded mirror, and or showcase your vintage silver trophy cups as vases! 

Look #2: Simple and Light 

Again we see the use of a mirror, the perfect way to reflect the space and make it seem larger! Mini-tree's (which can be real or fake) adorn each side and DIY bunting that says "Let it Snow" is the perfect saying all winter long! 

Look #3 - No mantel.

Not everyone has a mantle to dress - when in doubt go for a simple, elegant wreath such as this one below! 

Look #4 Greenery that isn't pine! 

The greenery that isn't pine! Try preserved boxwood! Love the look of the DIY trees? All you need is some cardboard, hot glue and a little white paint to recreate the look all on your own! 

Look #5 - Simple Mantel from Hymns and Verses (

We love DIY and this is a great, simple mantle look that almost anyone could achieve! Pom-Pom bunting is fun and soft and it's a simple look to gather some sticks from your yard and display them in a cool pot! Birch logs are also a great way to winterize your decor!  

Look #6 

A dark mantle with a white wall background! Fun is wooden snowflakes (try your hand at making your own with paint sticks from the hardware store! (sand off the labeling and or stain or paint them to your own desired look!

Look #7 - Dreamy Winter Escape

There is something about this look that feels opulent, and indulgent! The stark contrast of a primarily white space with pops of black accents and light floral influences makes it feel both masculine and feminine at the same time ~

Look #8 - The Warm Traditional Mantel 

This looks screams southern holiday (if you ask me) I like the use of the metal stars and branches as well as the abundance of wintery greens. 

Look #9: Lamps and Shutters Galore! 

This look is hands down one of my favorites. I love the look of the black antique shutters framing each side of the vintage window and the little decorative lamps on each side. Indirect lighting is key when creating warmth (overhead lights - yuck!) The use of greenery is well balanced (although I would prefer to see symmetry on each side or have moved the smaller tree next to the bigger one. Again, DIY bunting stars the show and the entire vignette works well together! via Stone Gable 

Look #10 - Cozy with Natural Brick and Wood 

When your home has beautiful natural features that you do not want to change, you have to roll with the tones. Red accents say winter naturally as the color reminds us of the holidays. I love the use of wooden stars and again, indirect lighting. The space looks cozy and ready for a long winter! 

In all - you can design and create your mantel to look however your heart desires. Make it a reflection of you and your own style and you can't go wrong!